Back at Work

Towards the end of London's 2020 lockdown our account director Nhu Nguyen came to us with a great creative idea... so we developed the concept further with a comedy script writer and turned it into social content.

With more than a little help from our friends and colleagues we produced a piece of content as soon as we were allowed to move freely. The result is a tongue-in-cheek homage to the 1970s that places an honourary spotlight on the people behind the scenes during production. All in celebration of a physical return to the office following three months of being locked in our houses.

Strategy, Creative & Production &Ugo    Direction Alex Cooper    Photo & DP Vlad Jakovlev    Set Design Elena Horn    Food & Drink Styling Loic Parsot    Art Direction Davide di Teodoro    Assistance Kevell Black    Client Camilla Scognamiglio    Dog Gaia

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