Global Creative Council

Partnerships were central to our House of Peroni campaign. We identified an international team of collaborators from each of the leading cities - Michelin-starred chefs, DJs and artists - and immersed them in the history of Peroni during a unique trip to Puglia, passing on the passion from Italian style makers across design, craft, food and culture. Emphasis was put into enriching the influencer’s knowledge of Peroni’s Italian heritage while inspiring their creativity. They became the global Creative Council for the House of Peroni 2019 and an unrivalled resource for the creation of truly original assets and events to attract a super stylish audience.

Creative Direction Iska Lupton & Ugo Galelli    Director Ivan Olita    Producer Martina Cavalot   Illustrations Kate Prior    Project Director Stephen Merry    Special Thanks to Masseria Potenti

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